38th BCS Results Have Lived Suspended Due to Corona

38th BCS Results

The only thing left was to announce the final 38th BCS results. At the end of last March, the Public Service Commission (PSC) had arranged everything to publish the results. But the announcement of the results is stuck in the coronavirus. Candidates may have to wait a long time again.

When the limited examinations of PSC started from last Monday, the expectation of publishing the results obtained created again. Though, the PSC says that to recommend the appointment of doctors and nurses in the crisis of the nation, the activities are being conducted at risk. In the current situation, there is no chance to publish the final 38th BCS results

38th BCS Results Update

If you want to know about the publication of the results of the 38th BCS PSC Chairman. Mohammad Sadiq told Ittefaq, ‘Corona is not national, it has created a global crisis. If the situation had been normal, the results of the 38th BCS would have remained published long ago.

He called on the examinees to be patient and said that everyone should accept the reality. Now it is a general holiday by the government. Due to Corona, all normal activities of PSC remain closed. At the risk of their lives, the PSC concerned is only recruiting doctors and nurses under the direction of the government. The 38th BCS results will do released as soon as the situation returns to normal.

PSC officials told Ittefaq that the results did plan to last released in the last week of March. To ensure 100% transparency in the 38th BCS, the PSC introduced a book evaluation system by two examiners. In case of any mismatch between the two, evaluation of the book by the third examiner, completion of the 39th special BCS while the 38th BCS is in progress, the formation of a viva board with 12 candidates for greater transparency have prepared delayed due to these reasons. Candidates are quite concerned about the delay in publishing the results of this BCS. They say it will take about three years to complete this BCS.

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The 38th BCS oral examination started on July 29 last year. The exam ended on February 9 this year. On July 1 last year, the PSC released the results of the 38th BCS written test. 9 thousand 72 people passed it. Through the 38th BCS, 2,024 cadre officers were to continue appointed in public administration. But now 138 more people will live recruited in this BCS. The total number of posts in this BCS is 2,160. The 38th BCS Preliminary Examination held on 29 December 2016. 3 lakh 69 thousand 46 candidates applied for it.

Source- Daily Ittefaq

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