7 Ways to Stay Ahead in the Future Job Market | Coronavirus

7 Ways to Stay Ahead in the Future Job Market

The current Corona situation could change many images of the future job market. There is nothing new to say about the current situation and challenges in the job market in Bangladesh. But no one should be left to understand that the post-Corona job market will be more difficult.

The Future Job Market After Coronavirus

Just getting a good job in our country is nothing less than getting a golden deer. On top of that, who knows when the business of most of the large, medium, and small scale employers in the country will shrink due to the impact of Corona? However, not only Bangladesh but the whole world is facing economic loss due to coronavirus.
Those who are waiting to enter the new job market after finishing their studies or those who are thinking of changing jobs can keep themselves ahead in the job competition if they keep the following 6 things in mind and practice.

1. Take online courses :

Many are staying at home in the current lockdown situation. As a result, a lot of extra time has been found. You can use this extra time to expand your knowledge. You can take various online courses. Many online platforms and some universities offer free online certificate courses, including UDEM, courses. Apart from that, in the current situation, there is an opportunity to do some paid online courses for free. And those who want to work with digital marketing can take various certificate courses from Facebook Blueprint and Google. These certificates will prove that you know the issues.

2. English language practice:

Much of the improvement in the workplace, starting from the job interview, depends on knowing good English and its proper use. Especially those who work in big organizations or multinational organizations have no choice but to know good English. Emphasis should be placed on being able to speak, write, read, and understand English. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that no matter how much you acquire an English education certificate, it will not work unless you can apply it to your practical work. To learn English, you can take help of books as well as online media such as various websites and YouTube. So start practicing even if you make a mistake and improve your English language skills.

3. Create an interesting and unique CV:

A CV is the first introduction of a job seeker. Where hundreds of CVs are submitted for a position, if your CVT is not interesting and unique, it may be less likely to be shortlisted. And if the CV is not shortlisted, the interview call will not be available. The mistake that many people make is to get a CV format from someone and apply it with their own information without making any changes. But a human resources officer sees hundreds of CVs every day. A copied CV may lose acceptance to him. To apply for the job by creating your own interesting and unique CV.

4. Preparation for a job interview

Now you can start preparing for the job interview. Job interviews usually ask two types of questions. General questions (such as talking about yourself, your hobbies, your 5 qualities and faults, retirement work, etc.) and thematic questions. There is a lot of writing on the internet about how to answer a job interview with different questions and intelligence. You can practice them. And when you get a job interview in an organization, if possible, try to get his experience from someone who has been interviewed in that organization before. Get to know the organization before you go for an interview. Save the job circular when applying. Read the description of the work that is given there, prepare well. And be sure to be aware of the dress code for the interview.

5. Being able to create excellent presentations

If you want to get a job in a good position in a good organization, you may have to face multiple interviews. You may even have to give a PowerPoint presentation. Apart from that, it is necessary to give presentations at different stages of any job in any profession. So learn to create dazzling presentations to present yourself differently from others.

6. Written exam preparation

In the case of written exams, instead of preparing well for just one subject, prepare for all the subjects that come up in the exam. Because in most cases, to get selected, you have to get the minimum pass number in each subject. Focus on time management in written exams. Solve the questions that you can answer in less time first.

7. Creating common job skills

Corona – The fight to get a job will be as difficult as the fight to stay in the job. To build the general skills of the job. These include knowing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, being able to create good reports, e-mailing properly, and so on. In addition, practice various soft skills.

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In Conclusion, the future job market is here: 7 ways to reset job markets after coronavirus recovery.

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