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E-Passport BD Starts

At first, e-passport issued for the thought of visiting foreign countries by the permit holder. Bangladesh is the first country to issue digital passports for all preferable residents in South Asia.

 Definitely, the new e-passport bd 2020 will brighten the country’s image. This is often the other step for getting the digital world, says The Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Yesterday e-Passport services inaugurated at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in Dhaka, reports UNB.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received her e-Passport from Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal at this function.

The Prime Minister Said, around the world 118 countries had already introduced e-Passports. In South Asia, Bangladesh is that the first country that issued e-permit, and this is often the 119th country within the planet to introduce e-Passports. So, e-passport is maybe a replacement because of travel in foreign countries.

What’s an E-Passport?


E-Passport another name is electronic passports or biometric Passport, permit, and digital Passport. An ePassport could also be a digital passport and it includes a chip. The chip is usually used at the computerized e-Passport portals instead of having your passport scanned by a Border Force officer. The chip holds the actual information of them which is printed on the passport’s data page like that, date of birth, the holder’s name, and other biographic proof. Most of the countries, like Germany, ePassport start to include two fingerprints.

  An ePassports bd are formulated to expand security. If anyone wants data recorded on a permit, Then it’s really difficult for them to .e passport (electronic passports) start date 22 January 2020 by launch prime minister Sheikh Hasina at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre

  E-Passports launched on 22 January 2020 (Wednesday)

  E-Passport BD 2020


 At last, The Prime Minister Launching the foremost expected electronic passport service 2020 with the automated border control management program. Yesterday she said It had been a blessing for the state within the “Mujib Borsho”.

 The prime minister said we are handing this permit to the people of the country during this “Mujib Borsho”

Hasina said that the two services brought much brighten Bangladesh’s image within the planet. She said the country moved to a special step along because of the beginning of e-passport. The prime minister said the govt jobs wish to reinforce through maintaining gait with the earth so that the Bangladesh Awami League was hardworking to fulfill that goal.

She also said The Mujib Borsho Will start from St Patrick’s Day, 2020 to St Patrick’s Day, 2021. So, Already its countdown has begun. She said we’ll also observe the golden jubilee of the country’s liberation in 2021.”

E-Passport BD Starts

  How to e-Passport Online Registration 2020


  Step 1

  •   In the form to see your local region.

e-passport bd details  Step 2:

  •   Put Down Email Address.

 e-passport bd registration


 Step 3:

  •  Fill-up your account information.

 e-passport bd registration process

  Step 4:

  •   Activate the e‑Passport account by click Emil confirmation.

 e-passport bd registration confirmation


 How to Application Online E-Passport BD 2020

 If you’d wish to use e-Passport, you’ll apply at the Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin website. If you’d wish to understand the thanks to applying for an E-passport online, the next steps are required: –


  1. First, you’ve needed to refill the online form (with barcode) printed copy.


  1.  printed copy for your Online Appointment, you give biometric data (fingerprint), attached 01 (one) copy recent color passport size picture.


  1. Bangladeshi citizens click the Bangladeshi button, choose passport-type for general to choose Regular, and for urgent passport choose to express.


  1. In this passport first part you give your first a part of “> a part of the name and In 2nd part give last part of your name.


  1. You add Graduation, Fathers & Mothers name, Fathers & Mothers profession, Their Nationality, Spouses Name, Nationality, and profession (if have any).


  1. In marital status: Married, divorce, and single-person which one provides it and add your profession, add country of birth, and also add gender.


 e-passport bd application


  1. Add Religion, Nationality, Present address, Permanent Address, and also add 01 (one) set valid Bangladesh passport (1-5 page for handwritten and 1-2 page for MRP) if you’ve got any, Photocopy of National ID card and Digital certificate.


  1. Photocopy of valid Student ID card (If you would like a student discount). and really important Proof of payment for MRP to Embassy bank account [Copy of Bank transfer slip/Überweisung Euro 110, – natural; Euro 35, – and student discount just for college and university students. Here are the Embassy checking account details: Bangladesh Embassy: Deutsche Bank, IBAN: DE 21 1007 0000 0060 7788 00, BLZ:100700 00, Account No:060 7788, BIC (Swift code): DEUTDEBBXXX)]

Types of Passport

 There are three different types of Passports issued by the Bangladesh Government. like diplomatic, Official, and regular or Ordinary passports.

 Diplomatic Passport(Red cover): Diplomatic Passport is published to couriers of Diplomatic, Top-ranking of state Officials, Diplomats of Bangladesh. and also it’s issued to attend the conference and congress.

 Official Passport (Blue cover): A politician passport or service passport is merely issued to Employees of the Bangladesh Government, people signifying their country in a politician’s capacity. It’s also issued to officials of the state.

 Ordinary Passport (Green cover): A standard passport is issued to Bangladesh ordinary formal citizens for international travel, like that for Study, business trips, vacation, etc.

 Since July 2019, Bangladeshi passports are issued machine-readable and biometric passports.

  E-Passport BD fee for Bangladeshi People 

  •  In which people sleep in Bangladesh this fee is fixed for them.

  Validity:- RegularUrgentEmergency

  • 64 pages passport (10 years) 7,000 Tk 9,000 Tk 12,000 Tk
  • 48 pages passport (10 years) 5,500 Tk 7,000 Tk 9,000 Tk
  • 64 pages passport (5years) 5,500 Tk 7,500 Tk 10,500 Tk
  • 48 pages passport (5 years) 3,500 Tk 5,500 Tk 7,500 Tk

 Biometric E-Passport Fee for Foreigner Bangladeshi

  •  This fee is fixed for Them which Bangladeshi sleep in Abroad.

   Validity:- RegularUrgent

  • 48 pages passport (5 years) 100 Dollar 150 Dollar
  • 48 pages passport (10 years) 125 Dollar 175 Dollar
  • 64 pages passport (5 years) 150 Dollar 200 Dollar
  • 64 pages passport (10 years) 175 Dollar 225 Dollar

 Digital Passport Fee For Foreigner Bangladeshi ( Students and Workers)

  •  This fee has been fixed for college workers and kids who sleep in abroad.

 Validity:- RegularUrgent

  • 48 pages passport (5 years) 30 Dollar 150 Dollar
  • 48 pages passport (10 years) 50 Dollar 175 Dollar
  • 64 pages passport (5 years) 150 Dollar 200 Dollar
  • 64 pages passport (10 years) 175 Dollar 225 Dollar

 Delivery Time of E-Passport in Bangladesh

 E-passport office giving the three sorts of e-passport delivery time for brand spanking new applicants, like Normal passport, Urgent passport, and Emergency passport.

 Normal E-Passport

  •  If all of your information and Police clearance is correct then you’ll get your passport within 21 business days.

 Urgent E-Passport

  •  If your Police evidence and other information are correct then your passport is going to be issued in 7 days

 Emergency E-passport

  •  For this Emergency passport, you’re getting to the passport office with the police clearance and if your passport was submitted then you’ll collect

 How am I ready to buy my e-passport fees?

  •  In 2 ways you’ll pay your e-passport fees: Bank Payment or Online payment

  Online payment

  •  The e-passport fees are often paid online if you submitted your application on the e-passport online portal. the web payment system offers you a sonali payment gateway, that’s why you’ll easily pay your e-passport fees.

  Online payments methods are available:

  •   Debit/Credit card:  Master Cards/ Visa or Q-cash.
  •  Mobile Banking: DBBL – Nexus, B-Kash

 Bank Payment

  •   You can also pay your e-Passport fees with Bank Payment. Just follow this bank in Bangladesh buy fees:


  • Sonali Bank
  • Premier Bank
  • One Bank
  • Dhaka Bank
  • Trust Bank
  • Bank Asia

So also you’ll follow these passport application fees and it’s including 15% vat.

Worldwide Fees of the Biometric Passport

 Bangladesh, Bangkok Embassy accepts payment only in Thai Baht. The passport fees, documented below under ‘Standard Fees’, are in U.S. dollars. The fees incomparable Thai Baht are listed below under ‘Fees in Thai Baht.

Biometric Passport

5 Steps of Get your A Biometric Passport.

 STEP 1: The new passport is already available in your area and you’ve got a need to confirm it.

  •   The Regional Passport Offices new e-passport is launched in Bangladesh step by step and at the Bangladesh Missions around the earth.
  •  When you use the web Application for your e-passport you’ll scan availability by entering the district of your present address. And also the police headquarters which relates to your estate.
  •  If you would like you’ll also lookup a schedule of Passport Offices and Bangladesh Missions delivering the new ePassport within the FAQs category.
  •  Please note this line: in any case, you’ve got to attend until the passport office is beginning to issue e-passport in your district. You can’t attend apply there for an additional RPO

 STEP 2: The 2nd step is to refill your passport application online.

  •   Nowadays, the new ePassport for applications is feasible as a web application. you’ll start the appliance technique right here. you’ll get the Guide for this process. ensuring to plan a gathering for enrolment at the passport office to decrease waiting time.

  STEP 3: Before paying for a passport and after you get your passport.

  •   At first, you’ve got to buy your new passport fees after you attend the passport office to finish your enrolment.
  •  When you have finished your online application process then you’ll pay the passport fees online. you furthermore may give your fees to the bank. once you make the bank payment then need to take your printed ‘passport form’ with you.


 STEP 4: For your biometric appointment please visit the passport office.

  •  You can visit your passport office for enrolment, After Finishing your online application submitted and scheduling a meeting . once you visit the passport office you’ve got to require all the specified documents with you. you’ll take with you the printed “Application summary”, payment slip from the bank or online payment, NID card or certificate, the previous passport if available, and other documents.

STEP 5: You’re going to the Office and collect your Passport.

 If your passport is being ready, then you’ll be notified of it. And you’ll attend the passport office to urge your passport.

 You are required to receive your new ePassport personally at the passport office. By following documents when receiving your passport:

  • You have to bring a delivery slip receipt during passport enrolment.
  • get your previous passport (if available)

Though the govt is streamlining rules and expanding the efficiency of the technique for quicker passport delivery, passport suppliers across the state aren’t receiving their passports in time, discontinuing the emergency foreign trips of the many.

  Get Your Passport From Office

  •  Most of the people like students, patients, and Bangladeshi immigrants, declared that they applied for machine-readable passports (MRPs) way back but are still to gather their passports.
  •   Many patients who got to go abroad for emergency medical services are the guiltiest sufferers. Any patients need emergency medical sea-duty for the worst sufferers. and lots of migrant workers for this delayed passport are losing their jobs abroad.
  •   When this problem is admitted to the passport office then the Department of Immigration and Passport (DoIP) said this problem is going to be solved within the subsequent three months.
  •   It also happened the applicants were crowding to the passport office with several objections. and voicing anger for not getting their passports after an extended wait. they also lecture them in anger because they’re not getting their passport After an extended wait.
  •   Anyone is set to gather an emergency passport within seven working days of his or her application and is fulfilled while the general public one within 15 working days. But within the last six months, most of the applicants aren’t accepting their passports as per their registered time.
  •   Md Shaiful Islam, who may be a businessman, said he fulfilled his MRP form last year, September 30.

 Download Passport Form Online

  •  Right now offline passport bd isn’t available. But very soon it’s available Offline. You’ll be submitted to your Online Application before you need to be taken an appointment within the passport office.
  •   You can download your e-passport bd on this Offical website. Click Here

  How to Recover Lost and Stolen Passport.

  •  If you lost your passport or If your passport is stolen then immediately report back to the police. You’ll report any Bangladesh police station. You’ll show a stolen passport photocopy and after you received the documents within the police station. These documents need to show once you’ll apply for a replacement passport.

  Biometric Passport Website?

  •  The e-passport BD Website address needed for any applicant, Cause if you’ve got to face Any problem and download passport application then this e-passport website is extremely important.
  •   E-passport bd website is here- https://www.epassport.gov.bd

  How am I ready to Check Passport Application Status?

  •  First, you need to attend the e-passport portal homepage and click on on your status check. then Enter Your Online Application ID or Registration ID and Date of birth. Now you’ll know this status of your application. You’ll find your form if the passport office delivered your application.
 With online check:

Check application status

 Urgent Online Application Guide For E-Passport BD?

It’s vital to ask how you’ll make urgent applications for E-Passport. For this process initially, Bangladeshi citizens can also order super express delivery for this passport.

  Where am I able to get a replacement passport?

  •   After these months, the e-passport is going to be available in any passport office in Bangladesh.
  •   But if your Passport office isn’t available immediately, If you would like you’ll wait for it. And, If this e-passport is extremely important for you, you’ll apply for this in another passport office.
  •   4 passport office are available for giving an E-Passport, Such as:

  Dhaka District – Dhaka, Agragaon, Uttara, Jatrabari passport office

  How am I able to get a meeting with the Passport Office Schedule?

  •  Where the passport office is extremely popular, Visitors only visit this office. It’s just for online applications. After finishing your online applications process, you’ll search an available appointment times and you’ll pick that point which is fitting you. This process can decrease the waiting time at the Passport office.

  I have an MRP – How am I able to Get My MRP Passport

  •  Fill-up the web form, if you have already got an MRP. After submitting the appliance form, please attend the passport office for a meeting, and every one your important documents like that, MRP, NID/BRC bring with you.

  Passport Office Contact Number

  •  When you submit your passport and face any problem getting your passport or faced any problem then you’ll contact their number and you’ll inform them. And If you would like any information then you’ll contact them during this contact number.

  Here is the passport office number:

Department of Immigration and Passport
7-E Agargaon
Shere-E-Bangla Nagor
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Email Address: [email protected]

  E-passport Contact Number:- +880 2-8123788


 On the opposite hand, Bangladesh is the first country to issue e-passports for all preferable people in South Asia. This is often a really powerful idea for creating digital Bangladesh.

This e-passport leaflet consists, published and distributed by the Department of Immigration and Passports of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The E-Passport BD has forty-one several security aspects and therefore the electronic microprocessor chip embedded in it and also including holographic images embossed in thin-film laminate, which change color under light and appear to run. The e-passport of the Demographic and biometric communication holder, just like the fingerprints of all ten fingers, iris scan, color photograph of the face, and the digital signature are stocked on the contribute the e-passport. The applicant’s e-passport validity has five years or ten years; it’s just counting on their age. and therefore the Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh delivered the e-passport BD.


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