Must Be Complied With That Condition

That condition must be complied with

Conditional extension to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. That condition must be complied with. Limited Public Transport From May 31.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 disease and to improve the situation, the government has decided to restrict the overall activities of the country and the movement of the public after 30 May 2020 must be complied with under the following conditions:

1. The ban will be effective from May 31, 2020, to June 15, 2020. The ban will include weekly leave on June 5, 6, 12, and 13, 2020.

2. During the ban, the movement of people from one district to another will be strictly regulated. There will be checkpoints at the entrances and exits of each district. The district administration will implement this control carefully with the help of law and order forces. People must stay indoors when traveling to prevent coronavirus infection. No one can come out of the house from 8 pm to 8 am unless there is an urgent need (buying and selling necessities, travel to work, purchase of medicine, medical services, burial/burial of corpses, etc.). However, in all cases, other health rules, including wearing a mask when going out. Otherwise, legal action will have to be taken against those who disobey the instructions.

3. The public and all authorities must strictly abide by the guidelines issued by the Department of Health Services during the ban.
4. Hats, bazaars, shops, and other health rules should be strictly followed while maintaining mutual distance while buying and selling. A Sanitary system with a handwashing system should be provided at the entrance of the shopping mall. Vehicles arriving at the shopping mall must be disinfected. Hat bazaars, shops, and shopping malls must be closed by 4 pm.

5. Law and order, state security and intelligence agencies and emergency services, such as relief distribution, health care, electricity, water, gas, and other fuels, fire services, port activities (land ports, river ports, and seaports), telephone and internet, Offices related to postal services and other urgent and essential goods and services, their employees and vehicles will be excluded from the scope of this prohibition.

6. Vehicles (trucks, lorries, cargo vessels, etc.) engaged in transporting all types of goods on roads and waterways will continue to move; That condition must be complied with

7. The ban will not apply to agricultural products, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, food, industrial products, state-owned goods, raw materials, food, drug stores, hospitals and emergency services, and related staff.

8. Physicians, nurses and staff engaged in medical services and vehicles and staff carrying medical equipment including medicines, media (electronic and print media) and staff engaged in cable TV networks shall be exempt from this prohibition; All manufacturing authorities, including those in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and manufacturing and supply-side sectors, manufacturing, and export-oriented industries, will be able to ensure the safety and health of workers. Health

9. The guidelines framed by the service department to ensure hygiene in various industrial factories need to be followed.

10. No educational institution can be kept open during the ban. However, online courses/distance learning will continue;

11. Bangladesh Bank will provide the necessary instructions to fully launch the banking system.

12 All government / semi-government / autonomous and private offices will be open to a limited extent under their management. At-risk individuals, sick employees, and women with potential children will refrain from attending the workplace. In this case, the officers and employees have to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the health service department to ensure health rules. All meetings except in urgent and vital areas should be held in a virtual presence.

13. No one will be able to leave the workplace during the ban. At that time, public transport, passenger boats, and rail movement ensured health-friendly rules with a limited number of passengers conditionally. You can. However, in all cases, wearing the mask must strictly follow the instructions issued by the Department of Health Services. The concerned ministry/department will issue necessary instructions in this regard;

14. The aviation authority will consider the issue of aviation in its management.

15. During the ban, all public meetings, gatherings, and public events will be closed. Prayers and prayers will continue in mosques, temples, and all types of prayer halls that condition must be complied with following the static rules.

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