That is why locusts are not coming to Bangladesh

That is why locusts are not coming to Bangladesh

Bangladesh also has time to worry when neighboring India and Pakistan are plagued by locusts. However, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) assures that Bangladesh has no reason to worry about this at the moment. The monsoon will not be favorable, so locusts are unlikely to come to Bangladesh this year.

The FAO is monitoring the movement of locusts around the world. At the same time, it is warning the countries about this. The agency said in its latest observation published on May 28 that locust swarms from Rajasthan would continue to move to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. A few more swarms may enter Rajasthan by July. They can reach Bihar and Orissa as the weather is favorable. After that, if the monsoon winds start to change direction, they will also return to Rajasthan. At that time it will be time for them to breed and the movement will stop. As a result, locusts are unlikely to move to South India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Sheikh Siraj, a Bangladeshi agricultural development and media personality, said in a report that he contacted Keith Kressman, the FAO’s senior locust forecasting officer, earlier this month. Regarding the possibility of locusts coming to Bangladesh, the official said, “There are several reasons why locusts are not likely to attack Bangladesh.” First, locusts are far away from Bangladesh. Second, they cannot fly against the wind. Third, Bangladesh is very humid and green, the weather is not conducive for desert locusts to live.

Botanists like dry weather, botanists say. The climate of this country is humid and dry. Therefore, the possibility of a locust attack in this country is less. An official at the Department of Agricultural Extension said there had been no locust attacks in the country in the last 49 years. We have been asked by the Ministry of Agriculture to be alert and ready. However, there is not much risk this year, we have to be careful for next year.

The spread of a swarm of desert locusts can be up to several hundred kilometers. An adult locust can consume grains equal to its own weight (2 grams) in one day. The number of crops wasted by locusts in an area of ​​one square kilometer can feed 35,000 people a year.

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