The Government Is Thinking Of Extending The Holiday

The government is thinking of extending the holiday

The Government is thinking about going to decide to increase the ongoing holiday after Eid. Several high-ranking responsible sources of the government have given this information to Kaler Kantha. The public holiday has been going on since March 26. Of these, the lockdown on some institutions has been relaxed before Eid.

Therefore, there is no possibility of opening public transport for the time being. Other emergency government and non-government institutions will remain open as before and the country will continue for the time being.

It is learned that a proposal to extend the leave from the Cabinet Division went to the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Government is thinking was more concerned about not extending the holiday after Eid. But the government is considering extending the holiday after reviewing the overall situation with the rise in the number of infections and deaths due to the coronavirus in the last few days.

The Prime Minister also hinted at the holiday in her address to the nation on the occasion of Eid. “The WHO predicts that the coronavirus epidemic will not go away overnight,” he said. But life will not stop. Until a vaccine is discovered, we may have to live with the coronavirus. We have to start economic activities for the sake of livelihood. ‘

Comparing with other countries, the Prime Minister said, “Almost all the countries of the world have already been forced to relax the lockdown. Because it is not possible to block people’s income for an indefinite period. Not in the case of a developing country like Bangladesh. ‘

Relevant sources say that there have been various discussions at various levels of the government about increasing and decreasing the leave. At the end of May, a high-level committee on the coronavirus was expected to have the highest rate of infection at any given time, but in reality, it is.

In this regard, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told Kaler Kanth that the Prime Minister had spoken about life and livelihood in her address to the nation on the eve of Eid. In that case, the Prime Minister will decide after thinking and discussing it with everyone. Hopefully, this decision will come tomorrow Thursday.

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